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Abib: a must-Have K-Beauty brand for healthy skin

Why Choose Abib for Your Skincare?

Discover the essence of Korean beauty with Abib, a revolutionary korean skincare brand carefully curated by Skinorea, your ultimate destination for the latest Korean skincare trends. Abib, meaning "the first month" literally, embodies a commitment to cosmetics of exceptional purity from the very beginning of the beauty cycle. As a trusted K-beauty store in France and Europe, Skinorea proudly presents this cutting-edge K-beauty brand to you.

At Abib, lab researchers focus on crucial goals to provide you with an exceptional skincare experience:

1. Boosting the skin's self-regenerating power: Abib aims to stimulate the skin's natural regenerative capacity, promoting a flawless complexion.

2. Protecting the skin from toxic ingredients: Abib emphasizes formulations without harmful substances, safeguarding your skin from external aggressors.

3. Slowing down the aging process: Abib products are designed to help preserve youthful skin by slowing down the signs of aging.

4. Inducing the removal of dead skin cells and enhancing defensive power against external stimuli: Abib promotes cell renewal and strengthens the skin barrier, ensuring protection against external influences.

Abib: A Minimalist Brand

Abib's product packaging reflects the brand's commitment to product stability. Carefully choosing container materials after in-depth experiments on formula chemical reactions, Abib's packaging ensures optimal protection of formulations against external stimuli.

The Abib Design Institute, following the principles of minimalism, dedicates itself to creating intrinsic and sustainable designs. Prioritizing serene purity, eliminating unnecessary elements, and favoring a simple design, Abib's essential material design reflects core principles such as simplicity, repeatability, purity, and closure.

Best Sellers Abib: Korean Beauty Essentials

Explore our exclusive selection of Abib's best sellers, products that have won hearts worldwide. Discover the undisputed favorites that have made this Korean brand a skincare reference.

1. Abib Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch 80 pads
Abib Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch, with 80 pads, has become a best-seller in South Korea, earning several accolades. Infused with heartleaf extract, these pads are known to soothe irritated and blemish-prone skin, providing gentle exfoliation and a noticeable improvement in skin texture.

2. Abib Quick Sun Stick Protection Bar SPF50+ PA++++
The Abib Quick Sun Stick Protection Bar SPF50+ PA++++ offers exceptional SPF50+ PA++++ protection. Its non-sticky formula applies easily, leaving a transparent finish for a natural look without leaving white residue. Ideal for repeated application on the skin after makeup, ensuring continuous protection. Enriched with acacia peptides and ceramides, it strengthens the skin barrier. Additionally, it includes soothing natural ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber extracts for optimal skin comfort.

3. Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump

The Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump, formulated with houttuynia cordata extract, combines exfoliation and sebum treatment for clear and radiant skin. This essence also acts as a soothing balm for irritated skin, relieving stress induced by external aggressors.

Where to Buy Abib in France and Europe?

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Join us in the Korean beauty journey with Abib, carefully selected by Skinorea to offer you an authentic K-beauty experience. Explore perfection in every detail and rediscover your skin with high-quality and effective products. Welcome to the captivating world of Abib, exclusively available at Skinorea.