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Korean skincare brand, where innovation meets conscience. 'KAINE,' derived from the Greek word for 'new,' embodies a fresh approach to skincare.

Why choose Korean skincare brand KAINE for your skincare?

As a 100% vegan brand, KAINE meticulously selects natural vegan ingredients with proven stability and effectiveness for skincare. Kaine objective is to promote a conscious and harmonious way of life, infusing fresh values into daily routines. Committed to vegan and cruelty-free skincare, KAINE rejects the use of animal ingredients and testing throughout the entire product development, production, and distribution process.

Kaine products are certified vegan cosmetics by EVE VEGAN, a respected French certification body. Additionally, we support animal rights organizations by donating a portion of our profits to aid in abandoned animal rescue and welfare support. At KAINE, sustainability is a core value. Kaine prioritize eco-conscious packaging, utilizing Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to reduce environmental impact. The products undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and effectiveness, boasting a remarkable EWG GREEN rating with over 90% of ingredients meeting the highest standards for safety and environmental consciousness.

What are KAINE Best Sellers?

Explore KAINE's best-selling products, curated to deliver outstanding results while aligning with their commitment to vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious values. From gentle cleansers to nourishing moisturizers, KAINE's best sellers embody the brand's dedication to clean, effective skincare.

KAINE Kombu Balancing Ampoule Toner
Kombu Balancing Ampoule Toner is expertly crafted to provide your skin with deep and multi-depth hydration, leaving you with a radiant, healthy complexion. This toner is designed to harmonize perfectly with your skin's natural pH level, ensuring your skin is beautifully balanced and revitalized.

KAINE Rosemary Relief Gel Cleanser

Unlock the secret to flawless skin with this acne clarifying gel cleanser. Formulated to perfection, this powerful cleanser dissolves impurities, clears pores, and keeps breakouts at bay. Say hello to a fresh, revitalized complexion as you embrace the balanced, hydrated, and beautifully clear skin you've been craving.

Where can you buy KAINE skincare products in France and Europe?

French and European consumers seeking KAINE skincare products can find them conveniently available through Skinorea, an online Korean skincare boutique based in Paris. Skinorea offers a curated selection of premium Korean skincare brands, including KAINE, providing easy access to vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious skincare solutions. With Skinorea's user-friendly online platform, customers can browse and purchase KAINE products with confidence.