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Introducing LANEIGE, a prominent Korean skincare brand that skillfully blends traditional influences from Korean beauty practices with cutting-edge innovation.

Celebrating diversity, LANEIGE believes in empowering individuals to radiate with both inner and outer luminosity, as unique as they are. With a keen focus on understanding customer needs, LANEIGE strives to restore the original glow to every individual.

However, the LANEIGE glow isn't solely about achieving a healthy, balanced complexion; it extends to promoting a holistic, balanced lifestyle. Regardless of the challenges life may present or the demands of your daily routine, LANEIGE is your steadfast companion, guiding you forward with confidence. With LANEIGE, you can trust that your glow will endure, leaving you perpetually radiant and beautiful.

Why choose Korean skincare brand LANEIGE for your skincare?

LANEIGE has been at the forefront of skincare innovation since the ‘90s, dedicating itself to relentless research, testing, and innovation in its labs in Korea. With a rich scientific heritage, LANEIGE has pioneered groundbreaking products, from the invention of the first-ever cream toner to reimagining skin hydration during sleep through barrier-boosting skincare.

At the heart of LANEIGE's philosophy is the aim to create multi-tasking products that simplify skincare routines. LANEIGE's Beauty & Life Lab studies customers' skin and their 24/7 lifestyleRooted in science-based research on the moisturizing mechanism of the skin, LANEIGE analyzes how environmental factors from today's 24/7 lifestyle affect our complexion, inside and out. With a focus on hydration for both skin and lips, LANEIGE's team is committed to researching the latest ingredients and utilizing innovative technology to deliver visible results, ensuring that you achieve the dewy, bouncy skin you love.

What are LANEIGE Best Sellers?

LANEIGE's commitment to clinically proven, barrier-boosting skincare has resulted in an array of best-selling products. Among them, the Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream Moisturizer stands out, offering up to 100 hours of hydration based on clinical studies. Additionally, the Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer provides an 8x instant hydration boost, making it a favorite among skincare enthusiasts. LANEIGE's iconic Lip Sleeping Mask, recognized as the #1 Lip Treatment Brand in the US, is a consistent award-winner and fan-favorite. Sold every 5 seconds, this lip treatment delivers intense moisture and softens lips overnight with its proprietary Berry Fruit Complex™, providing 8 hours of hydration.

Where can you buy LANEIGE skincare products in France and Europe?

French and European consumers seeking LANEIGE skincare products can easily find them at Skinorea, a leading online Korean skincare boutique based in Paris. Skinorea offers a curated selection of premium Korean skincare brands, including LANEIGE, providing convenient access to innovative skincare solutions that prioritize hydration and visible results. With Skinorea's user-friendly online platform, customers can browse and purchase LANEIGE products confidently.