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SKIN1004 - Tea-Trica Spot Cover Patch

SKIN1004 - Tea-Trica Spot Cover Patch

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Treat your pimples effectively and hygienically with these SKIN1004 Tea-Trica Spot Cover Patch SOS acne patches. Let your pimples heal without irritation and infection caused by external irritants - and the impulse to pick!
In an optimal, moist environment, pimples heal without scars or dark spots and are protected from secondary infections.

Hydrocolloid Sheet: this hygienic material soaks up fluids from within the pimple to dry it out and promote healing.

Don't pop it. Juste leave it!

The slim & clear patch is barely noticeable and ideal for everyday use.
Its matte surface makes it easily camouflageable with makeup.

In two different sizes 12 and 10 millimetres

skin types:

  • combination
  • oily
  • problematic

skin concern: pimples, breakouts, acne

    How to use

    When to apply: morning and/or evening

    1. Take a patch out of the packaging with clean hands and remove the protective film
    2. Stick it on the pimple, on a clean and dry skin
    3. Close the packaging carefully

    Replace the patch when it turns white and swells


    Hydrocolloid sheet 14

    *For the most recent ingredient list, please consult the product packaging or contact us for a product photo

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